iit jee preparation tips by toppers, strategy, syllabus, books

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers Check Strategy, Books, Syllabus, 2021-22

What is the most awaited exam by B. Tech/ B. Arch aspirants? How to prepare for the JEE exam? What are the best IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers? How to start preparing for IIT JEE from class 11? A lot of questions come to you. Do not confuse those questions. Obviously, JEE is the most awaited exam for students aspiring to be engineers in NIT, IIT, and other Government & Top private engineering colleges. These exams will decide which college you will get into.

The correct way of JEE preparation is the most challenging aspect for engineering aspirants. The National Testing Agency, NTA conducts this exam in 2 levels. JEE mains is conducted in the first level and JEE advanced is conducted in the 2nd level. They are JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The students are eligible to write the advanced exams once they reach IIT JEE mains cut-off marks. Generally, The NTA conducts JEE mains in two phases every year between January and May. During COVID the mains exam was conducted more than twice in 2021.

The IIT JEE mains syllabus is vast and high difficult, students should approach in a smart & systematic way and need to follow some IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers. You need a customized schedule and hard preparation. It is better to know about the IIT JEE mains syllabus, JEE preparation books, how many marks are required for IIT in JEE mains, how to start preparing for JEE from class 11, tips for JEE preparation, time table for JEE preparation, best app for JEE preparation, etc.

What are the IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers?

JEE preparation is about studying three subjects; Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Since the JEE is one of the toughest exams, it is recommended to follow the IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers. You should study with determination and sincerity for JEE exams. The score of JEE mains is accepted by NITs, IIITs, and other engineering institutions. Let us discuss JEE mains preparation strategy and tips.

IIT JEE Mains Preparation Strategy

IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers strategy

As per the JEE toppers preparation strategy, there are 4 strategies they follow in their JEE preparation. They are Learning, Practice, Testing, and Revision. This strategy is applicable regardless of the branch such as computer science & engineering or other. Let’s see their JEE mains preparation strategy.

  • Take proper coaching and do the homework regularly for sure. It makes you the perfect competitor.
  • Be strong about the goals and make a well-planned schedule for JEE preparation.
  • The schedule should include preferred timings for study. Regular studies are very very important.
  • Classify the IIT JEE mains syllabus and allow enough time for each subject based on their difficulty.
  • Once you make a well-planned schedule, do not change it again and again.
  • Get rid of any distractions that disturb you in your studies.
  • Keep away from gadgets, games, social media, chatting, movies, TV shows etc.
  • Do not calculate the hours you studied; concentration is more important while studying.
  • 20 minutes of meditation in the morning can keep you active throughout the day. It helps to increase concentration level as well.
  • You need to clear all doubts as soon as possible. Never postpone your doubts at any cost.
  • You have to mingle with your instructors about your doubts.
  • Some online research can help you to clarify your doubts immediately.
  • Mock tests are helpful, it is recommended to take some mock tests online.
  • Analyse the mock test after finishing, so that you will do better for the next test.
  • Search for IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers on YouTube and listen carefully.
  • When you wake up in the morning at 5 AM, our mind is fully relaxed and ready to get things faster.
jee mains preparation strategy
  • Make a time table for JEE preparation.
  • So, spare some time in the morning for JEE preparation.
  • Break down the subjects into some parts, it becomes easy to learn one by one.
  • Make a habit of preparing short notes for formulas, terms, reactions, etc. while studying. It helps you during revision. Also highlight or underline important parts of a topic.
  • Some mobile APPS are available these days, search for the best app for JEE preparation and use it (Ex: Toppr, JEE Mains, Unacademy etc.).
  • Consistency in study hours gives you better results. Do not stay up late at night during your JEE preparation, because having less sleep harms your health.
  • Make a habit of going early to bed & early to rise and have enough sleep.
  • Problem solving helps you to develop speed and accuracy. Make it a daily habit.
  • To get confidence, start with your favourite subject.
  • Choose the best books for IIT JEE preparation. Do not refer to multiple JEE preparation books.
  • Usually, the coaching centre/ institution provides the best books for IIT JEE preparation. It is good enough to cover the IIT JEE mains syllabus.
  • Do not hesitate to ask doubts. Clear your questions with the help of someone who knows that topic very well.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers – Mathematics

As we know, mathematics requires only practice. Keep practicing how much you can.

In JEE preparation, mathematics requires a lot of concentration and brainwork.

Divide each chapter into different subtopics. Refer to a few solved examples and practice.

Do practice the subjective problems thoroughly.

Do not derive the formulas, make them possible.

Keep practicing vectors, geometry, and definite integration.

At the end of each topic give a test. It improves speed and accuracy.

Important topics in JEE maths preparation are:

Conics, Circles, Definite Integration, Probability, Complex Numbers, Application of Derivatives.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers for Physics

jee preparation books

Physics is one of the main subjects in JEE preparation. It is based on problem-solving. It is necessary to practice problem-solving to acquire explicit knowledge in physics.

Logical thinking is required for problem-solving in physics. Firstly, understand the basics and fundamental concepts.

The mechanics section is crucial, be strong in this section. Besides, it helps to understand other topics better in physics.

Solving all types of numerical in physics gives good results and increases your confidence. Understand derivation and its boundary conditions instead of mugging formulas.

JEE Preparation Books for Physics

The most preferred physics books for JEE preparation are:

H.C. Verma – Concepts of Physics

B.N. Sharma – Cengage Publications D.C. Pandey – Arihant Publications

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers – Chemistry

best books for IIT JEE preparation

Prepare well and be strong in reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry. Solve all the problems from your reference book.

Clarify all doubts in physical chemistry at your institution. Also, revise them at home often and prepare notes.

Preparing notes is essential for chemistry in JEE preparation. Note down the key points and refer to them regularly. This is one of the prime IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers.

There are a lot of memorizing topics in inorganic chemistry, need to be focussed on.

NCERT is the best JEE preparation book for chemistry.

About Joint Entrance Examination

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an entrance exam for engineering admissions. JEE is in 2 stages. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. JEE mains is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). It has 2 papers, paper 1 and paper 2. Candidates can opt for any one of them or both. JEE mains contain MCQ (multiple choice questions). B.Tech or B.E. admissions are conducted based on paper 1. B.Planning and B.Arch admissions are conducted based on paper 2. The candidates who qualified in JEE mains get admission in NITs, IIITs, and top private engineering colleges.

JEE Advanced is conducted by one of the IITs every year. Candidates qualified in JEE Advanced get admission in IITs, and some prestigious institutions like IISC Banglore, or IIST Thiruvananthapuram. There are 23 IIT campuses in India. The admission process in IITs is conducted by Joint Seat Allocation Authority. Every year, 2 lakh plus students qualify to write JEE Advanced. To become an IITian, one should know the best books for IIT JEE preparation, IIT JEE mains syllabus, IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers, etc. All the best for your career ahead.

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